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Discover the universe with your very own Space Explorer Room Projector.

View 24 NASA photographs with this fascinating projector which also transforms into a cool nebula night light.

Use the high-quality projector to view 24 NASA and Hubble Spacecraft telescope photographs of spacecraft,                 astronauts, planets and nebulae from 3 changeable slide discs.

Easy to use, just turn the switch to projector mode and insert one of the three picture slides, rotate the slide round      to view the 24 different photographs that project on to the ceiling up to one meter wide.

To change the slides simply press the button on the side of the projector to release.

At night Space Explorer becomes a cool nebula night light by turning the switch to the lamp mode.

Read fascinating information about each NASA photograph in the colourful educational booklet.

High-quality projection creates a window into space.

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