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Encourage your child's imagination
Wednesday, 26 February 2014 07:44

A good imagination benefits your child. It helps a preschooler:

Develop social skills
As children play pretend, they explore relationships between family members, friends and co-workers and learn more about how people interact.

Build self-confidence
Young children have very little control over their lives. Imagining oneself as a builder of skyscrapers or a superhero defending the planet is empowering to a child. It helps them develop confidence in their abilities and their potential.

Boost intellectual growth
Using the imagination is the beginning of abstract thought. Children who can see a king’s castle in a mound of sand or a delicious dinner in a mud pie are learning to think symbolically.

Practice language skills
Kids who play pretend with their friends do a lot of talking. This helps boost their vocabulary, improve sentence structure and enhance communication skills.

Work out fears
Playing pretend can help children work out their fears and worries. When children role-play about the big, bad monster under the bed, they gain a sense of control over him and he doesn’t seem quite so big or so bad.

Simple ways to fire up their imagination: 

1. Tell stories.

  • Storytelling may well be the cornerstone of imaginative development, and doing it well and in a variety of ways is something you can do almost every day  -- even if it is only in brief moments

2. Make art.

  • Paint, draw, mold, build, sculpt. Tactile experiences are important, and giving young children free rein over their work is crucial

3. Foster a sense of inner space.

  • Parents should keep young children in particular from being overloaded by images from the media, whether it's television, movies, or computers. "We have to leave kids with enough of an inner space to create their own pictures, their own vision," says Schwartz. "What goes on too often is that we are not turning children into creators; we're turning them into consumers."

4. Activities

  • you can do as many things to foster your child's imagination as your own imagination can dream up.


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